Artistic Profile

In the beginning of my career, during 5 years I painted people and landscapes to realize the mind it's the enemy of the painter, the more I think about what I have to do, the more the movements of colors on the canvas have chance to be weak and the more I paint with instincts I can create stronger works. I also realized the lines I drew before was obstruction for my impulse movements of colors, for this reason I decided to paint without drawing or having ideas in mind to be able to create paintings with as much energy and liberty as possible.


Each tree is a piece of art for me, because it gets its energy from nature. It's from this principle that I decided to create with my instincts. Spontaneously without sketching, I throw colors on the canvas, creating different shapes and stains from which I develop an imaginary world.


Each of my painting is like a fruit, sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, sometimes rough, sometimes soft, feeding the eyes and the hearts of those who look at them...


- Painting is a blind man's profession, he does not paint what he sees, but what he feels.